GTalk browser plugin on Debian (testing)

So you installed the GTalk browser plugin on Debian testing and it doesn’t work. However GTalk is listed correctly when you list the plugins in your browser. So what now?

Well you can try to remove libudev0. It seems that the plugin has some problems when both libudev1 and libudev0 are present on the system.

Pidgin current song and Audacious

There are many plugins to change the current song within your Pidgin status (by Pidgin I mean libpurple in general) coupled with your favorite media player. In particular there are such plugins for Audacious (a modern and worthy descendant of the mighty XMMS, love it). Although I don’t use them since there is a much simplier way to do that. You may send the song directly from Audacious up to Pidgin with purple-remote. There is a plugin in Audacious to execute a command when the song change. Just add these :

New song command: purple-remote "setstatus?message=(8) %a - %T"
End of playlist : purple-remote "setstatus?message="
Title change : purple-remote "setstatus?message=(8) %T"

This will update your status message with your current song. The status will be emptied when the playlist is over. Note that this also works with plugins such as Pidgin-PBar.