MSP430 and Contiki on FreeBSD

If you were trying to compile a Contiki application that targets an MSP430 platform (T-Mote Sky for example) on FreeBSD, you might have noticed that msp430-gcc was removed from the port tree and replaced by gcc-msp430-ti-toolchain. Contiki does not support this newer toolchain so you might find yourself a bit stuck there.

Fortunately you can still access the last version of the msp430-gcc packages from the FreeBSD archives:

Work around broken dependencies on Debian

If you stumble upon bugs in package dependencies on Debian you may work around these using the equivs package. This package will allow you to create trivial Debian packages.
You need to create the controle file and then build the package :

equivs-control <control-file>
equivs-build <control-file>