Today’s movie: Une part d’ombre

We had the occasion to assist to the premiere of Une part d’Ombre a Belgian film by Samuel Tilman with Fabrizio Rongione, Natacha Régnier, Baptiste Lalieu, among others. Going there without knowing what to expect, this ended up being a unique and pleasant surprise.

It’s a movie about trust, the social contract that we build upon it which transcends all our relationships and the subjective value that people are willing to give to them. How things left unsaid rot the most obvious friendship and love and the fact that we cannot (most of the time) do a single thing about it. We just got to let it trough, even though the rambling mistrust breaks everything into its wrath and we know for sure than nothing will ever be the same.

It was amazing how after discussing the movie we could all reflect on this. We all had those stories of break up, circle of friends or family exploding because some could not live up to what was that we define as us. But it’s part of the human chore. Apparently many of us suck at relationships. We’ve just got to deal with it and try for ourselves to be among those we’d call human.

Still it may be a bit of our fault. Because there are many of those things that we don’t say either. Because we think wrongly that it would be better to keep our share of shade for the the sake of our beloved ones and the sacred things that lay between us. Maybe many of these situations would be a heck of a lot simpler if we could just at times lay our cards on the table and for others to accept our pledge of honesty.

And that’s the really important message from this movie. That at times, we’ve got to look into others eyes, and say “trust me”, and reciprocally for ourselves to say to them, I accept and trust you, it’s up to you to trust me in that. Because surely without that everything fall, sooner or later, into a bunch of ashes.

Today’s movie: Cafard

It’s been a long time since I last posted about a movie. Truth is, there are so many movies that I’ve seen since then that I wanted to talk about, but finally didn’t seem to find the time. So I postponed to the next week, and then to some week-end eventually and finally I didn’t post anything.

Actually it’s been so long that I’ll probably have to watch all those movies again before I can post about them. I don’t mind this though, and will probably watch them again anyway. But I really think I should post  ASAP and try my best to keep it short.

That was for the short update. Now for the movie…

Я люблю тебя

Я люблю тебя

Cafard by Jan Bultheel inspired by the true story of the Belgian ACM corps sent to Russia to fight the German army in 1915. Not a movie about war, if you ask me, or not only. But a great and colorful animation for adult.