Back in v6

After quite a long time we are now back in the v6 world thanks to Hurricane Electric.
We lost our IPv6 connectivity when migrating our VPS from OpenVZ to KVM. There is no IPv6 on the newer OVH VPS 2016 although we had one on the older version. I don’t know why it is and when asked via a ticket they assured me that it would be available soon. This was months ago, still no IPv6, and I am not alone. This is becoming long and really awkward for OVH, supposed to be the 3rd hosting provider in the world.

Setting up the tunnel with HE was painless. You just configure a simple 6in4 (gif on BSD / sit on Linux) tunnel from your IPv4 to the endpoint they provide to you and your are done!

In the meantime we also configured the IPv6 prefix that we received from our ISP. I used ndppd, an NDP proxy daemon, so that our ISP modem believes that the IPv6 hosts are located on the same link and not one or more hop away (as they really are indeed, there is an intermediate router between our LAN and the modem). So we don’t need SixXS anymore which is great!