GTranslate and Weboob

This is a quick interface to translation tools. In particular it was made to interface a specific tool from Weboob. For those who don’t know Weboob is a collection of applications able to interact with websites without a browser and mostly from command line interfaces. This allows GTranslate to use web translation services such as Google-Translate. However it can also be used with others translation tools as long as they offer a simple command-line way to translate a text from one language to another. It can also be easily adapted to any tool to provide an interactive conversion from one type to another. I made this tool to try out GTK-3 and GtkBuilder and actually building interfaces with Glade is really easier.

You may found the github page at
And a small project page at


Speaking about Weboob I think this is a very good initiative because I’m getting a bit sick of these overpowered web-browsers outshining the application landscape. I mean we should tend toward a web of services but instead we just spend our time recoding everything we already had in JavaScript and shiny HTML5 interfaces. And I think, or rather hope that the future of web lies outside the browsers.

New compose on GMail

GMail has a new compose and he sees fit to remind me constantly whenever I write a new message. But I’d like to have my say on this since we’ll be forced to use this thing in several month anyway. So let’s get things straight, I really hate this, it is just stupid and I guarantee that if Google eventually puts this in place and forces us to use it, I’ll just quit ! That web interface was everything but there it just feels like a hyped gadget.

At least -please- put an option to get back to the original compose permanently so we can write real mails that we focus on. I mean I know most of them are just quick informal replies, just like we would use mobile messaging and I know for sure that services need to evolve from time to time but they just make everything easier and it just gets more useless and annoying at every step.