Gesture lost on NeoReader

If you have one of those Onyx Boox e-ink tablet with NeoReader to read books and documents, you might have toyed with the settings and inadvertently disabled all gestures, long click, the floating bar and you are stuck without the ability to access the application settings, let alone turning pages left or right.

If you find yourself in this dire situation, you might have read on the Internet that the only solution left would be to reset the application entirely, deleting the application cache and data, losing all your settings in the process.

But fear not, because there is another way! Should you be able to connect an external keyboard to your tablet, via bluetooth for instance, go into the stuck NeoReader app and press F1 (or fn+F1 if your keyboard requires so). And voilà, the settings menu will pop up allowing you to restore the gestures and have the application usable again.