Today’s movie: Gravity


F*** classical mechanics.

I’ve finally seen Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón. I remember that this film was so praised for its visual effects and now I finally got to see it. That’s about time! The first fiften minutes or so were really thrilling. I really was under the impression that in space, no one can hear you scream. And I coud feel the relentless and terrifying apathy of cosmos.

But that was about everything there is to it as the rest of the movie lacked anything of substance and I wondered if this wasn’t just a demo for the use of 3D in cinema. It  just seemed to me that the movie jumped to the end credits with nothing to tell. And I keep asking myself, what’s this movie all about?

Beside it was beautiful and visually stunning. I didn’t see it in 3D, and I’ve heard that it propels the movie to a whole new level. Also it is said that this is one of the few movie that is worth watching in 3D. But this fad is dying fast.

Although I never really believed in this trend, 3D brought far less to the cinema than the arrival of sound and color. It does not help to immerse the viewer deeper into the story. If you want this, perhaps you would need complete VR, but that is an entirely different medium.