Simple ARchive

An utility to archive files, similar to tar but much less powerful. It is distributed under the terms of the Berkeley Software Distribution License.


You can pull the code directly from git :

$ git clone git://
$ cd sar
$ make
$ sudo make install

Tarballs are also available at
Though you can only get tagged versions from the master branch, which may be older than what you'll have through git.


Performance overview

The following results were obtained with the CN options for sar. The sample consists of variety of configurations and patterns of empty files and wide directory trees.

Archive size :

Source tar sar tar.xz sar.xz
Linux Kernel 3.1.1 434 MiB 406 MiB 61 MiB 60 MiB
Large Sample 13 MiB 572 KiB 100 KiB 32 KiB

Archive extraction time :

Source tar sar
Linux Kernel 3.1.1 1.00 s 0.93 s
Large Sample 0.85 s 0.82 s

Archive creation time :

Source tar sar
Linux Kernel 3.1.1 6.64 s 6.34 s
Large Sample 0.14 s 0.33 s



You can report bugs, send patches and pull request on the github page at
You can also report bugs, send patches and request for new features at my email address .