This is a quick interface to translation tools. In particular it was made to interface a specific tool from Weboob. Weboob is a collection of applications able to interact with websites without a browser and mostly with command line interfaces. This allows GTranslate to use web translation services such as Google-Translate. However it can also be used with others translation tools as long as they offer a simple command-line way to translate a text from one language to another. It can also be easily adapted to any tool to provide an interactive conversion from one type to another. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.

You may find more informations about Weboob at


You can pull the code directly from git :

$ git clone git://
$ cd gtranslate
$ sudo python install

Tarballs are also available at
Though you can only get tagged versions from the master branch, which may be older than what you'll have through git.



You can report bugs, send patches and pull request on the github page at
You can also report bugs, send patches and request for new features at my email address .