Sigma lenses durability

I question the durability of the Sigma low end zoom lenses. We have two Sigma lenses (18-125/200mm) that got stuck in aperture f5.6 / f22. I somehow managed to free up the first one. The second one, however, is plain dead. Some of the connectors are wandering around between the lenses so I guess this is it.

So which one is better in term of durability for a low end zoom lens? Canon, Sigma or Tamron? I don’t know what duration I should expect for such lenses. They were both 5 years old. I will give a try with a Tamron 18-200mm Di-II instead.

One thought on “Sigma lenses durability

  1. Well sigma lenses are fine if you are on a budget. But they have serious performance and compatibility issues. I would better suggest you to go for a second hand canon or carl zeiss lens from amazon or ebay rather than buying a cheap sigma lens. However sigma do makes some excellent glass such as their 35mm f1.4 . I have done a review for the same here
    Let me know if you want help with any other photography gear. Peace 🙂

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