Today we went to Brussels for the FOSDEM. For those who don’t know it’s one of the greatest FLOSS event in Europe with more than 5000 peoples from all over the world. We could hear German spoken, French, Dutch, Italian even Russian (or do I think so ? I never had a gift for languages) and many that we could not in fact identify. But in the end we just spoke English from one to the other with a huge medley of accents. We had a great day !

Anyway I guess we spent more than 50€ at the Debian stand. And they distributed nice RedHat gloves (actually I wasn’t there when they got one, I’m so jealous).

Little side note here: It was great to be there but I could never live in a city like Brussels. It’s so large, so cosmopolitan. I’m really not a city guy. Little side note is over.

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