Awesome rant

I am a long time user of Awesome WM as my window manager. However we had a major version bump (3.5 -> 4.1) from the ports today and my configuration disintegrated like a mellowcake that just found itself teleported into the twenty-fourth dimension. This is a recurring problem with this window manager, their API is as much stable as a node.js developer under influence on St Patrick’s day. Now if you are using the default configuration you’ll be fine. But if your configuration is heavily customized, man, you are in for a ride!

Thankfully FreeBSD port maintainers being the good guys that they are, it is still possible to install the older version from the x11-wm/awesome3 port. This will remove x11-wm/awesome-vicious though. But if you ever need to install lib-vicious for Awesome3, I archived my own version here. This also comes with patches for some widgets on FreeBSD which I have been too lazy to report (my bad).

Now I am not yet entirely sure if I will stay on Awesome3 for a while, upgrade to Awesome4 eventually, switch to i3 or xmonad. Well, we’ll see about that.

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